By on August 4, 2013

We see a very important role of friends in our lives. So it was decided to dedicate a day for friends and friendship….


The United States Congress, in 1935, claimed the first Sunday of August to be celebrated as National Friendship Day. Since then, celebration of National Friendship Day became an annual event that is celebrated by people all over the world with great enthusiasm.

Today people celebrate this day in different ways. Some friends party around and enjoy while some tie the band of  friendship to their friends. Some offer the different gifts, greeting cards and most likable gift chocolates.

The day is considered to be the day of happiness , enjoyment and fun . Friends make their friendship more stronger and some forgive each other and join the hands of friendship again.

Well wish you all a very heartily and happy Friendship Day. And here few suggestion to make your friendship day memorable with your friends:

  • Camping Out
  • Sharing Thoughts and Views
  • Re-collect Sweet Memories
  • Make some Poster
  • Do anything creative for you Friends

Hope You all will like these small suggestions.


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