Christmas Around The World

By on December 6, 2013

Christmas-Around-The-World-Know-The-WorldAs it is the Christmas season I thought what would be nicer to know about how Christmas is celebrated all around the world in so many different countries each having a different culture and tradition with diverse climatic conditions.

Christmas is celebrated as the day of celebration and joy because the Lord Jesus Christ was born in  Bethlehem on 25th December. All the people rejoice with carols singing “Jesus Christ the savior is born.” This is the main reason of Christmas. The joy and the purpose of Christmas is same all over the world, the only difference is the way of expression and the celebration. People sing the carols, at tend the churches; have nice meals with family and friends.

Let’s take a look at how some countries celebrate Christmas:

Christmas in Australia

For Australian’s the Christmas is in the hot summer. While the other part of the world is freezing, the Australian’s are getting baked in the heat. The temperature can be around 30 degree Celsius high, and so is the excitement of Christmas.

The traditional meal here includes turkey, ham or pork.

People celebrate by singing carols. Thousands of people in gather in Sydney under the beautiful night sky on the Christmas Eve to sing the carols and rejoice. They light the candle all around. The clothes for Christmas are usually shorts and t-shirts as it is very hot.

 Christmas in Brazil

Brazil also experiences the same kind of weather as the Australian’s. Christmas season is very hot in Brazil. The people in Brazil have diverse culture and have many different costumes as they have a varied culture.

A native scene which is called as Presépio is the main part of decoration all around Brazil. It is a bed made of straw on which Jesus Christ first slept.

The traditional meal includes turkey, ham, colored rice, fruits and vegetables.

The decoration includes fresh flowers; huge Christmas trees with wonderful lightings and fireworks .They also have their traditional folk dance till January.

 Christmas in Canada

Unlike Australia and Brazil, the Christmas in Canada is during the winters and the chilled weather. The people in Canada experience a wonderful snow fall during Christmas.

The traditional dinner here is turkey with vegetables. They serve fruity puddings as their dessert.

The main decoration here is they display a native scene in their homes and huge Christmas trees all around with twinkling lights.

They attend the midnight mass. In some place, they have big winter festival, called as Sinck tuck which is celebrated by Eskimos, with dancing and a present-giving party. During the twelve days of Christmas small groups of masked mummers, appear in neighborhoods, ringing bells, making noise and seeking for candy or other treats.


No matter what the climates it or what the tradition is, Christmas has and will always be a time with family and friends, a season of joy and celebration.

Merry Christmas to All !!!!!!!

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