Clocky – the alarm clock that runs away

By on June 8, 2013
clockWhen the alarm sounds, Clocky will start beeping. You can set him to run away immediately the alarm sounds, or you can set it to snooze once for your chosen number of snooze minutes and if you don’t get up, Clocky will start beeping again and run away. His aim is to jump off your bedside table first, so he won’t be easy to catch once, he’s hit the floor. He then scurries away and beeps at you until you get up and catch the little critter.

Created by Boston-based designer Gauri Nanda, the Clocky is available in three colours – almond, aqua and mint – and sells for US$50.

Detailed Info

Set your snooze time, 0-9 min

Snooze once before he runs away

Choose 0 and he runs right away

Can jump from up to 3 feet

Moves on wood and carpet

Press snooze to view time at night

Screen flashes when beeping/running

Alarm beeps in random pattern (think R2 on Acid)

Clocky is small: 5.25″ x 3.5″ x 3.5″

Want him to stay put? Disable wheels.

Early low battery warning

Colors: almond white, aqua and mint and soon in mustard orange!

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