Healthy Winter Health Tips

By on December 5, 2013

Healthy Winters

It is rightly said “Health is wealth”. And this is most important when the seasons change. A transition from rainy to winters may affect us in many ways. So no matter how busy your schedule might be always keep your health as a priority.

Healthy Winter Health Tips-Know The World

Its winter now and few questions we may want to ask,

Does winter gets you unwell?  Do you catch cold during winters? Are you prone to catch some infection?

If your answer to all these questions is yes, than here are some good tips to keep your healthy this winter.

Healthy Diet:

To fight against cold and fever, you should have a good immune system. So make sure your diet include all the leafy vegetables, fruits rich in Vitamin A, C. This will help you boost your immune power and will make you less prone to illness.

Have fresh food and opt for warm soups, avoid packaged food.

Cook your food with spices like Mustard, Ginger, and Basil, turmeric etc.

Avoid Fats:

Avoid food that makes you gain weight. In winters you may feel an urge to eat nice hot and deep fried snacks, but be aware it’s not healthy. Things that feel good are not always good!!

Have the right amount of sleep.

Do not smoke and drink alcohol, as we know that smoking affects your immune system.

Exercise Regularly:

The most important thing you should never stop is exercise. The more, the better. It keeps you away from all kinds of diseases. So it’s a must.

Stay active:

Winter is a season when you feel very lethargic to step out of the house, to go for gym and cycling, but never stop doing that. Your body needs regular exercise and moment.


The common problem faced during winter is dry skin, and chapped lips. Properly moisturize your skin. Use some good body lotions after taking showers; it will keep your skin healthy and glowing. Apply lip balm to protect your lips.

Keep Warm:

This is a time to brush your jackets and scarf and use them. Keep yourself warm and covered by using scarf, shawl, jackets etc. and stay fit and fine this winter.

🙂 Healthy Winters, Happy Winters 🙂 


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