Talking gloves

By on July 10, 2013

Have you ever heard of the talking gloves ????

Such talking gloves are invented with an intention to convert the hand gestures into voice. People who are willing to speak less or unable to speak will surely be happy to know about talking gloves.The person has to simply wear them as normal gloves and move his/her fingers in order to communicate with others. These gloves have the capability to convert more than 1000 words.

talking gloves

Talking Gloves

Mr. Vinoth Gurusamy who has completed his masters degree in aerospace engineering, the university of SHEFFIELD. He is a great person who came up with this brilliant idea. He and his team of members Colombage Kalhana  & Mohana Hossein were working with working with William Broad who was about 73 years old. He couldn’t speak because of the stroke he went through in 2010. But by using these unique talking gloves now he is able to speak number of words and phrases. It was no less than a miracle.

This is an live example for every one to believe on the capabilities of these gloves. The daughter of William Broad accepted that these talking gloves are undeniably amazing and it brought a big difference in their lives.

The inventor is now planning  further to introduce them in India too.

More graduates are still working on same to increase its functionality like supporting different languages, increasing the word bank and its battery life. At present the battery life of these gloves is approx one week. The approach and thinking of these unique talking gloves is a great lead for more than about 70 million people who are suffering from verbal communication problems.

For such people, these gloves act as Ray of Hope

It will help them to see life with a different perception.These talking gloves can prove to be the universal translator in the coming time.

Specification of gloves

Weight : 100 grms

Battery Life : 1 week

Price: 700 Euro

Size: As per order

Future plan:

1) Increasing the number of supporting languages

2) Cutting down the manufacturing cost

3) More number of words and phrases will be supported.


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