Women love shopping…why???

By on December 6, 2013

Women-love-shopping-why-Know-The-WorldWe have always seen men waiting outside the store, while the women trying all the things she has to buy, or maybe not…you never know. But the question as to why women love shopping lasts from ages…and its answer also lies back in the history.

Woman loves Shopping

“A woman is happy when she is shopping, and it’s said a happy women looks prettier”. So all men who want their ladies to look pretty should let them do lots of shopping, or rather stay in the mall 🙂

Shopping for us is a real feeling of happiness and content. When we walk on the street with hand full of bags with all wonderful things to wear, you cannot imagine “The joy of shopping.” A thing that adds up to the joy is when there are” Discounts” offered.

The unanswered question of why women love shopping is here.

Women love shopping because it’s in their gene. People always say women are weak and cannot resist the pretty things. But that’s not the reason. The reason lies back to ages where the male was the “Hunter” and the female was the “Gatherer”. Men use to hunt and get food for the family. And women since then use to gather fruits and vegetables from the trees, gather the best among all. And this is how it is related. It’s in her genes to pick up the best form a whole bunch of things, analyzing it, trying it and then buying it.

When a man goes in the store he will end up taking only that particular thing he need, unlike woman will land up taking 10 things which were not in the list and then gets 10 times happier when she is done. This in turn will make her man also happy. After all seeing the one we love being happy is the greatest joy.

More the merrier

A woman goes for shopping with her friends which adds to the joy. Because it’s not just the shopping, it’s much more. It’s the time when they chat, complaint, laugh, and share and enjoy.

Shopping makes woman forget all the worries around her and just indulge in the world of beauty and fashion. So whenever you (The men) find a woman in worry just take her out for shopping. Don’t think much about your budget, you can anyhow earn it later. : p

Shopping days can sometime be worst, when no color makes you look good, things you like may not fit you. Such days are quite less but you cannot deny the fact.

Yes another thing I would like to mention, there are few women who do not like to shop. I cannot imagine this fact, but yet it’s true.

Anyways, I am among the one who is crazy about shopping and go shopping every day and come back with bags full even if my wardrobe is overflowing. Because it’s just what I love doing and will never stop.

Keep shopping, Happy shopping!!!

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